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A Virtual Tour of our Scalextric Room!

I'm fortunate to have a whole room dedicated to Scalextric - it has a semi-permanent circuit, a bench for tinkering and space to keep all of the kit that we hire out, and use at events.

This blog post gives you a virtual tour of our Scalextric room, including some interesting facts about our founder (Rob Spaven) and his collection.


Our current semi-permanent circuit measures approximately 5m x 1m, and took Rob about three days to build up (including the underlying structure). Although the track is a key part of this, the accessories, figures and detailing are key ways of personalising a circuit and making it that bit more special.

The accessories you can see here include a vintage Dunlop control tower, various models of grandstands (some of which you can find here), modern Scalextric control towers, lego figures, Scalextric figures and some homemade posters and accessories. Although you can buy loads of accessories new (on the Scalextric website, or I find Jadlam Racing Models have a great range), I tend to keep my eye out for second hand finds, as well as in charity shops, junk shops and car boot sales!

Work Bench

This home-made workbench (below) is handy for adjustments and repairs. It used to hold a Hornby train set, but that's been retired to storage for the time being. In the photo below you can see some of the main tools (cup of coffee as important as any) that I use for repairs and maintenance. This set up was photographed while we were filming for a new video.

Elsewhere in the Scalextric Room

As well as Scalextric, I also take a keen interest in Motor Sport and a few of the bits and bobs I've collected over the years are displayed in here.

The picture below is a print of an old photograph from the 1967 Monaco Grand-Prix, which I love. I picked it up at Blackwell's in Oxford.

The pictures below are:

TOP - a caricature of me by my Mother-in-Law Anne Pilgrim-Green.

BOTTOM - a signed photo of Lewis Hamilton's 2014 F1 car.

Hopefully you've enjoyed this little virtual tour! Let me know if you have any questions about where I got anything, or how I put the circuit together.


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